ECD7 Installation Problem

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Postby Guest » Sat Jan 11, 2014 12:00 am

Hello-- When I attempt to install my newly-purchased copy of ECD7 (Elektor's Component Database)(*), I encounter a problem. I select 'setup.exe', 'English' language and proceed to the "Welcome to the ECD Setup program".

I click on 'Next' and arrive at the 'installation location' screen. I select a pre-existing directory (c:\Elektor_archives) and click on
'next'. I select both 'installation shortcuts' options and click on 'next'.

Disaster: a window labeled 'ECD Security' opens with the message, "You are not allowed to install this software!". The hell I'm not-- I paid for this disk!

Clicking on "OK" exits from the installation process.

If I attempt to install to another directory (c:\), the same process occurs, followed by another 'ECD Setup' window marked with an exclamation point in a yellow triangle and a message in German: 'Aktualisieren wurde durchgefuhrt', which Google translates to 'Update was conducted'.

Aside from sloppy programming that doesn't maintain consistent use of a user- selected language throughout the installation process, can anyone offer a suggestion as to how I can defeat the "ECD Security" process?

Thanks for any help, and 73--


(*) This disc's ISBN is 978-90-5381-298-3 and its copyright date is 2012.

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