Portescap hall sensor amplifier


Portescap hall sensor amplifier

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M Rutty & Co has introduced the Portescap’s new RoHS-compliant EBL-H-50-03 four-quadrant amplifier.

With fully programmable features, this hall sensor amplifier is specifically engineered to optimise the performance of Portescap’s brushless motors in applications where efficiency, high acceleration or safety are of primary significance, such as Bi-PAP respirators. All inputs and outputs are clearly identified to facilitate easy start-up in less than 10 minutes.

The EBL amplifier can be customised to various specifications by programming the level of current protection and PI regulation parameters. With a compact footprint of 92 x 72 x 16mm and weighs just 45 grams (1.5 oz), it is ideal for portable equipment applications where size and weight are significant to the design.

A broad supply of voltage ranges of 5.5 — 50 V enables accurate control of Portescap’s 16-30mm brushless motors at speeds up to 90,000 rpm — providing continuous current output of 3 amps, and maximum current output of 12 amps.

Thermal, short and over current protection are included as standard, while an optional start up current limitation feature helps protect surrounding equipment (such as a battery pack). An external temperature sensor (i.e., motor case temperature) can be connected to the amplifier to protect your application from overheating.

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