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A kinky idea to supplement tactile plates


Postby e somebody » Wed May 01, 2013 12:00 am

I just had a kinky idea to supplement tactile plates,

Our city has gone MAD and laid out lots and lots of tactile plates just about riddled the city and train stations with this rubbish, I call it "footpath cancer" it is B* dangerous when it is wet and a pedestrian has wet shoes, I have only lost shoe traction on this rubbish, but I have heard stories of other people who lost more than that.

So if the city is soon to be riddled with Visual Impaired Pedestrians, why not have (wait for it) MORSE CODE SHOP DOOR BUZZERS!

So when anybody walks into a shop instead of the shop minder buzzing out BUZZZZZZZ while you are blocking the light beam, have the buzzer buzz out a letter or two in Morse code this way a if a Visual Impaired Pedestrian hears F S in Morse code they would know they might of walked into a Fruit Shop, The hair dresser could go "H D H D H D ........"

I did not say it was a good idea, just that it was a idea,
e somebody
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