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PostPosted: Fri May 11, 2012 12:00 am
by noob
Hi everybody,

I'm a French student in an electronic and informatic sciences engineering school, and with three friends we are working on the Wheelie, as a school project. The system was working perfectly well, so we decided to test the GT extension kit availabe here :

We set up the sensors and sent the downloadable codes in the two ATMELs thanks to BASCOM-AVR and AVR Studio. But the Wheelie has now gone mad.
First strange thing, when we turn on the system, after the three LEDs stop blinking, the red one turns on for about 30s, even if the batteries are full, then the orange LED turns on for a few seconds and finally the green one turns on, and we can now use the Wheelie. I suppose there is a problem but we dont manage to find what.

Then if we put the foot on the switch, the motors go mad and the system drives ahead at full speed. Of course i fell off the system because i didn't know it would react like this, and so the switch wasn't pressed anymore, but the Wheelie was still driving, and we had to jump on it and turn the on/off switch off to stop it.

We've corrected a few things in the code but we don't manage to find a solution to the problem. Here is what we changed :

->watchdog at 2048 instead of 32 (to avoid a loop of reset during initialisation)

->Dim No_speed_limit_flag As Byte
No_speed_limit_flag = 1

instead of const No_speed_limit_flag = 1 (or we had a compilation error)

->Adxl_zero = Ad_adxl / 100 instead of Adxl_zero = Ad_adxl / 10 in the init function, 'Calculate ADXL horizontal position of platform' (because the loop goes from 1 to 100, not to 10)
We also divided the tolerable range by 10 (so the range is now from 300 to 700 instead of 3000 to 7000)

I thank anyone who will take a little time to help us.