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Dear All,
I am writing to enquire about the use of an OBD-Analyser i am working with as part of my Final year college project. The OBD-Analyser i am using is called OBD-2-Analyser (050092-71) and was ordered online at Elektor electronics. With this i am using a Mobydic adaptor. I have successfully read in diagnostic data from a car using this equipment with some downloadable software. My project requires that i must write my own software to communicate with the car.
I am using Visual Basic 6.0 and can successfully transmit hexadecimal messages via the USB-RS232 connection which is connnected to the OBD-Analyser. Unfortunately i have yet to receive any data. I have been testing solely with the ISO9141-2 protocol and am unsure of the correct messages i need to transmit so as to perform initialisation and to perform a successful request message. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Furthermore, can you tell me whether it is a requirement of the software to 'keep-alive' the communication or can the hardware i am using perform this?
Once again, your help would be much appreciated.
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please download the datasheet of our new chip 2700.
it is fully backwards compatible to 2600 and in this datasheet you find all what you need over 120 pages

best regards

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