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Boek te koop: Progamming and Customizing the Atmel AVR Micro

Zoeken naar onderdelen voor Elektor-schakelingen

Postby bengel » Thu May 31, 2007 12:00 am

Te koop aangeboden (25 euro):

Programming And Customizing the AVR Microcontroller. Dhananjay Gadre

Leer hoe je zelf een ATMEL AVR microcontroller programmeert. Vele voorbeelden!

Het boek (paperback) is in nieuwstaat, inclusief CD-ROM.

Thisreader-friendly guide shows you how to take charge of the newest, mostversatile microcontrollers around, Atmel's AVR RISC chip family. Inside, Electronics Worldwriter and astronomy instrumentation developer Dhananjay V. Gadre walksyou from first meeting these exciting new computers-on-a-chip all theway through design and ready-to-launch products.
Table of contents
The AVR RISC Microcontroller Architecture.
The AVR Instruction Set.
The AVR Hardware Design Issues.
Hradware and Software Interfacing with the AVR.
Communication Links for the AVR Processor.
AVR System Development Tools.
Protyping Techniques.
AVR Project 1: Smart Dice: A Dice with an Attitude.
AVR Project 2: A Morse Keyer.
AVR Project 3: A Simple Dual-Channel Voltmeter.
AVR Project 4: The Ubiquitous Kitchen Timer.
AVR Project 5: Radio Beacon Controller.
AVR Project 6: AstroDat: A Stand-Alone Data Acquisition System.
AVR Project 7: Security Dongle.
AVR Project 8: A Pulse Frequency Counter with an RS-232 Interface.
AVR Project 9: Sa-Re-Ga Follow Me: A Musical Toy.
AVR Project 10: AVR Protoboard(tm) for Nuts(tm).
Ideas for Projects.
Internet Resources for the AVR.
Biographical note
DhananjayGadre (Pune, India) is a Scientific Officer with the InstrumentationProgram of the Inter-Univeristy Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics,Pune, India. He is now on leave from the IUCAA completing his Ph.D. atthe Microelectronics Research and Communications Institute, EEDepartment, University of Idaho. His publications include severalarticles in Dr. Dobb's Journal, Electronics World, and EDN. He is alsothe author of Programming the Parallel Port: Interfacing the PC forData Acquisition and Process Control, R&D Books, 1998.
Back cover copy
PROGRAMMINGAND CUSTOMIZING THE AVR MICROCONTROLLERPacked with examples, projects,code, and tips!ON THE CD-ROM*Application-building tools*Complete sourcecode Meet the new chips on the block! (and teach them a whole new setof tricks)This reader-friendly guide shows you how to take charge ofthe newest, most versatile microcontrollers around, Atmel's AVR RISCchip family. Inside, Electronics World writer and astronomyinstrumentation developer Dhananjay V. Gadre walks you from firstmeeting these exciting new computers-on-a-chip all the way throughdesign and ready-to-launch products. Programming and Customizing theAVR Microcontroller clarifies this versatile chip's basics and coachesyou through sophisticated applications, using plenty of examples. Evenprogramming newcomers will be able to follow the clearly illustrated,learn-as-you-go instructions. Yet professionals who need to get aproject up and running quickly will find the details they need in theauthor's comprehensive coverage of the AVR's components andcapabilities. Part of the popular TAB Electronics series, Programmingand Customizing the AVR Microcontroller features: *Easy-to-useexplanations of all the AVR's subsystems, with plenty of examples andexperiments*Handfuls of ready-to-try projects, plus useful routines toplug into your own designs*A confusion-reducing chapter on systemdesign, and a complete AVR system development toolkit*Hardware-softwareinterfacing help*AVR applications using assembly and C*A guide to thebest AVR on-line resources*CD-ROM loaded with all the tools and sourcecode you need to develop applicationsWhether you’re designing for funor adding intelligence to products for a paycheck, Programming andCustomizing the AVR Microcontroller is the way to go for a smootherride.Step-by-Step ProjectsElectronic DiceMorse KeyerDual ChannelVoltmeterKitchen TimerRadio Beacon ControllerData AcquisitionSystemElectronic LockInterfaced Pulse CounterMusical Follow-Me ToyPlusmany Do-It-Yourself Ideas
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Postby pscelek » Fri Feb 13, 2009 12:00 am

Heb je dat boek nog en zoja, hoeveel moet dat kosten?
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