Datasheet for Siemens SDA2087-5N

Datasheet for Siemens SDA2087-5N

Postby ogran » Sun Apr 06, 2014 3:40 pm

I got my hands on some Siemens microcontrollers SDA2087-5N but was unable to find a 'real' datasheet in the net. It should be a 8051 derivate like the SAB80535 in a PLCC-68 package. So I contacted infineon to help me in this respect. The information I got was, that this is an old Siemens Microcontroller and that they don't have a datasheet. My second question for a contact address for archived Siemens datasheets wasn't answered at all. I do know, that Siemens sold those databooks in the 1980s, as I own one about the 8085 family. Any idea or link?
Thanks in advance
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